Saturday 10th December 2011, Puteri and Sofea were playing outside the house. The weather is hot. The humidity is high. But it can't stop both of us from enjoying our freedom playing freely. Then almost 1:30 pm we saw daddy coming home from work. It saturday and it half day work. Puteri and sofea run towards daddy and hug daddy.

"Kenapa main tengah panas ni", daddy asked. Without answer puteri and sofea just go inside the house. But daddy still remain outside the house. Just now puteri realize daddy face are expressing pain. Ibu also had noticed it. "Kenapa n?", asked ibu. "Kena gigit anjing," told daddy. Then daddy asked puteri to take a pail (bucket). "Daddy nak buat apa dengan baldi ni?", asked puteri inquisitively. "Nak samak", explain daddy. But it left more question than answer to puteri.

Look puteri still puzzled, ibu when on explaining. 'Samak' in simple word is mean purify. It is islamic way to disinfect us when we got engage with (in this case) dog. The way to do this is by wash it with 7 times rinse. The first need to be the water which have been mixed with the sand and the balance just wash it with water. Explain ibu and hopefully puteri will understand it more now. I thing..Hihi.