Just two weeks at school and i get my first lesson. I lost my shoes. Huhu. It happened when puteri was going to the library with other pupils. Puteri left it just beside Dayana shoes. The school library was so big. It got so many books. The books was nicely arrange on the shelves. Puteri was enjoying puteri 'first trip' here. It feels like a librarian already. Hikhikhik. Believe me, i can lost myself here. Like an expert explorer puteri searching for a book that best interest puteri. But time was envy. Puteri need to go back to class. That when puteri realise the shoes was already gone. Puteri inform teacher Mariam about what had happening. Teacher asked puteri to wear the other shoes which has been left by the student who mistakenly took puteri shoes. Sigh. How puteri want to explain to ibu N daddy. Well at least to ibu... daddy..hmm.. puteri think was not so bother. Heeeee.....