Hmmm.....after the motion has been brought before the parliament, after a long debate regarding the issue, after two "lawmaker" from opposition being suspended by the bias speaker, finally ibu got a gut to delay the moving out plan. At least for now. We should not be rushing. We should concentrate about the economic matter first. We can't take 5 billion from KWSP coffer. We dont receive any commission from buying the submarine or even getting any "kickback" from eurocopter deals. OPPPSSSS..............SORRY, Puteri have being carried away by the sentiments.

Anyway, yesterday when ibu fetched Puteri at Salsabiila and while Puteri having fun time playing swing with friends, ibu having a conversation with one of Puteri's friends (Yaya) mom. She told that she just moved out from the house that she rent at Kelana Jaya, SS5, and as far as she know the house is still vacant. Its a single storey house as well. The condition is okay and its a Malay owner. She will contact the landlord to know about the "status" of the house and will inform ibu later on. SO, for a second time, we just wait and see........hihihihi.............