After everyone dah siap dress-up, we all get in the car. It still early, around 8 am, we already went out for breakfast. Puteri still wondering why DD is so early today. Puteri tanya DD, kita nak ke mana? "Post Office".......ehmmm nak bayar bil rupanya. But unfortunately, post office pun belum buka lagi. Yelah, kan baru pukul 8 am. So, DD decided to have breakfast first. Not wasting anymore time (DD dah starving tu...), DD drove along PLUS Highway towards PJ. seems like we gonna have breakfast at Kelana Jaya. As usual, we had ou breakfast at Syed's Restaurant.
Today's menu: Roti bakar for Puteri and adik Sofea
Nasi Beriyani + Daging for ibu
Nasi Beriyani + Kambing for DD

After breakfast, DD decided to "pusing-pusing" around Kelana Jaya area. Mana lah tau, kot-kot ada rumah untuk di sewa. House for rent??? Yup, DD and ibu planning to look for a house in Kelana Jaya, nearby to Salsabiila (Puteri and adik Sofea school). So, takde la both of us feel tired and bored dalam kereta. Yelah, our journey from Seri Putra to Salsabiila everyday takes us about 1 1/2 hour (tu masa pergi je tau), belum kira masa balik lagi....Tapi, last night, Puteri overheard DD said, actually its hard to move out from Seri Putra as our house is actually dekat sangat dengan Wan Cu's house. Even, we "jarang jumpa" with this "our special neighbour", DD will not so worried if there is any emergency or in case DD back late from office coz Wan Cu is there. Besides, the neighbourhood at Seri Putra is just a nice place to live in. lucky we are, we saw few (or maybe can say 3 houses for rent). The first house is a single storey with a Muslim owner. The location is good, however the condition of the house is not that "good" compare with the rate of RM 900 / month. The 2nd house is also a single storey, which nearby to Kompleks Tabung Haji, Kelana Jaya. The owner is a Chinese. Since, she is not staying around that area, so, we decided to meet at 2 pm.

Dady brought us to Alamanda. time.....Almost one month (betul ke 1 month), Puteri tak ke Alamanda. Puteri love to "window shopping" at Alamanda. Its just a nice and cool place to shop and yg paling best sekali, tak crowded. Lagipun, ada "mainan mesin" (sorry, ibu tak tau what we call it). And, what makes DD suka sangat go to Alamanda is because of "Famous Amos". DD suka sangat with the cookies. Everytime Puteri ke Alamanda, DD tak pernah miss beli cookies from "Famous Amos". Dalam tengah sibuk "walk-walk" tu, Puteri terserempak with Pak Teh and Mak Teh. Pak Teh cakap photo during birthday party that day, dah siap compile, so, tomorrow, Puteri boleh ambik kat rumah nenek. At the same time, DD met his office mate......

Puteri tak boleh lama di Alamanda, as we need to go back to Kelana Jaya for appointment with 2nd house owner. We stop at nearby masjid at Kelana Jaya untuk solat Zohor. Masa ni, Puteri dah terlelap. Letih sangat. When we reached "the house", the "landlord" is actually waiting for us. So, its time to look around the house whether it is ok for us. It is a single storey, corner lot house. Environment is good and according to the landlord, its a good "fengshui" too. Tak tahulah kan. Agak luas jugak, puas lah untuk Puteri and adik Sofea nak main basikal...hehehe....dan, ada pokok rambutan tau....Well, DD and ibu seems like satisfied with house condition and location, but still need time to confirm whether to shift or not. The final answer will be this Wednesday. So, we wait for it......

Aahhh....Puteri dah penat sangat ni. Tak sabar nak balik rumah untuk berehat. On the way back, DD singgah at Seri Putra post office to settle all the bills. Then, to the nearest restaurant for our lunch.


  1. Puteri forgot to mention Tok Cu yang handsome and baik hati juga ada kat Seri Putra

  1. Ye la...Puteri lupa pulak ada Tok Cu yang memang baik hati...

  1. Assalamu'alaikum puteri.. nama pakcik fuad. pakcik tgh carik umah kat area Kelana Jaya. tuk pakcik, isteri pakcik n baby pakcik yg kat dlm perut. pakcik pun search la dlm tenet. sekali terjumpe la pulak blog putri ni. nmpk cam besh plak putri citer psl umah sewa putri ni. pakcik ade soklan.. bleh x putri tnykan DD/ibu putri bape range sewa umah kat Kelana Jaya? kalu tahu specific umah single storey terrace kat area SS5.. hmm.. tu je kot pacik nak tny. Thanx alot. kem salam kat DD ye..