Hmmm, another birthday to celebrate. This one is a little bit special as it was Mak Su's birthday which supposed to be tomorrow (01/03/2009). But due to some circumstances, we celebrate it today. A little arrangement has been arrange accordance to our small stimulus budget package.

Before we heading to Nilai, we went to King's Bakery shop at KJ. To buy a birthday cake, of course. DD stop at nearest stall - buy nasi lemak rendang ayam & mee hoon for our breakfast which we had at Nilai R & R.

When Puteri arrived at Siti's house, everyone was there. Puteri was shock when ibu told Puteri, that Mak Su not even know where we were heading to for lunch. Within 10 minutes, we arrived at the said place. Not quite far from Siti's house. If Puteri not mistaken, the restaurant called Aunty Aini Cafe. It located along the road of old road to Nilai town. Special menu, udang masak sambal petai, asam pedas ikan jenahak, gulai lemak daging salai, and other side dishes. As ibu has made earlier booking, thus, we dont have to wait long for our lunch to be served. Just nice as all of us are starving....especially Angah..hehehehe...

Evening, Puteri went to Seremban. To visit Aunty Shikin & family, to be exact. Its has been a while Puteri did not visit Aunty Shikin. After dinner, we make a move back to Siti's house.